Florida Driver Education

Do you need your Florida Drivers License? 

There are 2 online courses available in Florida for online driver education. One is the TLSAE Course or the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course. This is a prerequisite for all new drivers in the state of Florida. Everyone needs to take the TLSAE if you are a new driver. 

 The other is the actual Learner’s permit Test but only teens 14 – 17 can take it online. Adults must go to the DMV. But you can take your TLSAE online. 

TLSAE COURSE – The Required Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course.

This is the required course for all new driver’s in the state of Florida. Teens and adults, if it is your first driver’s license you must take this course to get your license in the state of Florida. 

Everyone needs the TLSAE

Adults can take the TLSAE online. But you need to go to the DMV to take your Learner’s Permit Exam.

Teenagers 14 – 17  can take the TLSAE online and they are also able to take the actual Florida Learner’s Permit Exam online. 

 Here are the steps to getting your license:

      1. Take and pass the TLSAE Course.
      2. Study the Florida Driver’s Handbook.
      3. Practice Test Recommended
      4. Take the Learner’s Permit Exam and pass 
      5. Take the driving skills test behind the wheel 

IMPORTANT: Teenagers the TLSAE is not all you need.

More often than you think would happen students hear about the TLSAE when getting their license and misunderstand and think that is the Learner’s Permit. It is not. You need to also take the Learner’s Permit Exam. Teens can take it online but adults must visit their DMV to take the exam. 

The OFFICIAL Online Florida Learner’s Permit Test for Teenagers.

Teenagers in Florida can take their Learner’s Permit Exam online with a parent or guardian acting as the proctor. Persons 18 or over are required to go to the DMV to take your exam. 

How Teens Get Their License in Florida

In Florida teens have a graduated driver’s licenses process to go through. To learn more about that the best resource is the state of Florida itself. Please CLICK HERE to visit the state site for that information.

The exam found here is the actual state exam. It’s just online.

  • Teens 14 to 17 are be eligible for the online Permit Exam. 
  • Must complete the TLSAE BEFORE taking the Learner’s Permit Exam.
  • Study the Florida Driver’s Handbook
  • Other restrictions are: If you have taken the exam at the DMV already or if you have made 3 attempts and failed all 3 you are required to go to the DMV.