Florida Driver’s Licenses

Do you need your Florida Drivers License? 

Did you get a ticket and want to keep the points off your license? 

If you are a new driver in the state of Florida we’ve got you covered. 

All new driver, teens or adults, need to take the TLSAE Course, or the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course. 

Did you get a ticket and want to keep points off your license or get a discount on your insurance? Then you need Traffic School. 

Florida Driver Education Online

There are 2 Driver Education Courses available in Florida. One is a prerequisite that all new drivers have to take you probably have heard of, the TLSAE Course or more commonly known “The Drug and Alcohol Course (or test)”. Or the Official Florida Online Learner’s Permit that is available for teenagers 15 through 17 can take it online. 18 and up are required to go to the DMV.

TLSAE COURSE – The Required Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course.

This is the required course for all new driver’s in the state of Florida. Teens and adults, if it is your first driver’s license you must take this course to get your license in the state of Florida. 

The OFFICIAL Online Florida Learner’s Permit Test for Teenagers.

Teenagers in Florida can take their Learner’s Permit Exam online with a parent or guardian acting as the proctor. Persons 18 or over are required to go to the DMV to take your exam. 

Florida Traffic School Online

Traffic school is for when things are going less than perfect and you find yourself with a ticket, or two, or even suspensions. It can also be voluntary for older drivers to prove their competency that gives them discounts on their insurance. Traffic school helps you fix some things and can be really important because it can keep your insurance from going up.

4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

If you’ve gotten a ticket and want to keep points off your license and prevent insurance rates from increasing then you need to take our 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement online course. It’s an engaging and fun course and we automatically report your results to the Florida DMV and the Clerk of Court.

8-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

The Florida 8-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course is for Florida drivers who have received 2 traffic tickets in a 12-month period and have been court ordered to take the course.

12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course

If your license has been revoked or suspended, or if you are under court order to take a driving improvement program, this is the course for you. As long as your offenses don’t include DUI, you can take this course to fulfill the requirements for reinstating your license.

6-Hour Mature Driver Course (55 and up)

If you are 55 and up and would like to get up to a 10% discount on your car insurance this is the course for you. This course is a refresher for skills and laws that might have been forgotten over the years.

About Us
American Safety Institute

At American Safety Institute we’ve been providing driver and safety education for over 25 years!  Founder Bart Cassidy left a career with law enforcement to further educate himself in the science of accident evaluation. He earned degrees from New York Institute of Technology and Northwestern University. Our entire foundation is all about driver safety.


Some companies in the driver education industry are e-learning companies that develop and sell courses based on trending markets. They do research on what course they can build that they might have the greatest chance of success with. They then have a staffer get a certification or license so they can develop and market a product. Driver safety and education is what we do. This is all we do and this is what we’ve done for over a quarter century.


We now provide state of the art, self-paced online courses that work on any device. From our course offerings to their design everything we do is geared towards saving lives and making our roads safer.

Certified Accident Investigator

The reason it is important that our founder and educational designer is an accident investigator is that he understands what causes accidents and therefore can help us understand how to prevent them. Today, we all know distracted driving is one of the primary factors.

99.1 % Success Rate

State and local regulators have assessed that out courses have been proven effective indicating that our students will never have another infraction.